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By-Pass Manifold Kit

By-Pass Manifold Kit


Our By-Pass manifold allows the user to easily switch between primary and secondary water supply by simply turning a single valve. This allows the user to change over to direct municipal water supply, from stored or back-up water supply, in the event of a power outage that renders your booster pump temporarily disabled.

Our By-Pass manifold comes standard with a 130 micron sediment or screen filter that removes stones and sand particles from your incoming supply. It’s built with 32mm PVC pipe and fittings and is pressure rated for up to 600psi (6 bars). A optional extra Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) can be added to the manifold to protect your household from excessive incoming water pressures and the damaging effects of ‘water hammer’. Our By-Pass manifolds are perfect for small and large residential households and light commercial buildings.

The By-Pass Kit includes the following:

1 x 25mm sediment or screen filter

1 x 32mm PVC By-Pass Manifold complete

6 x 32mm PVC Elbows

1 x 32mm PVC Tee

10 x PVC pipe brackets (wall mount)

1 x 475ml Oatley PVC Glue