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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System

From R67 750,00

Our commercial rainwater harvesting systems are designed for clients who want to maximise their water harvesting and storage potential and provide their businesses with a sustainable and reliable water supply, while saving on costs.



Water Storage Tanks
New Gen Tank Level Guage
1 × Tank Level Gauge
Leaf Catcher
2 × Leaf Catcher
First Flush Diverter
Includes 6m x 110mm PVC Pipe (white), 1 x 110mm PVC Elbow and 200ml PVC Glue
2 × First Flush Diverter Kit
Ball Float Valve
2 × Ball Float Valve - 25mm Copper Ball Float Valve
Commercial Booster Pump
Pre-Pump Screen Filter
2 × Standard In-Line Screen Filter - 50mm
Pump Cover
*May look different to picture
1 × Pump Covers - Large Full Cover
By-Pass Manifold
1 × By-Pass Manifold Kit
Pipes & Fittings Kits
2 × Pipe & Fittings Kit
Whole House Filtration
Under Counter Drinking Filters
Water Meter
Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV)


A 1 000m2 roof that receives 10mm of rainfall can harvest between 8 000L – 10 000L of water. When designing your rainwater harvesting system it is important to firstly identify your largest roof areas, and then position your water storage tanks in such a way to maximise water collection. Harvesting rainwater not only reduces your dependence on municipal services but is also a vital step towards a more sustainable future.

Harvest. Store. Treat. Be Sustainable.