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Jojo Water Storage Tanks

Jojo Water Storage Tanks


Select one of our Jojo Water Storage Tanks to suit your Harvesting & Storage needs!

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Jojo Water Storage Tanks comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty*. Subject to correct installation as per guidelines.


Spec Sheet – 1000lt Jojo Slimline Water Storage Tank

Spec Sheet – 1500lt Jojo Vertical Water Storage Tank

Spec Sheet – 2700lt Jojo Vertical Water Storage Tank

Spec Sheet – 5250lt Jojo Vertical Water Storage Tank

Spec Sheet – 10000lt Jojo Vertical Water Storage Tank

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Storage Capacity

5 250lt Wintergrass, 5 250lt Stormy Sky, 5 250lt Cloudy Grey, 5 250lt Bushveld, 5 250lt Khaki Brown, 5 250lt Jojo Green, 5 250lt Natural White, 5 250lt Royal Blue, 2 700lt Wintergrass, 2 700lt Stormy Sky, 2 700lt Cloudy Grey, 2 700lt Bushveld, 2 700lt Khaki Brown, 2 700lt Jojo Green, 2 700lt White, 2 700lt Royal Blue, 1 000L (Slimline) Wintergrass, 1 000L (Slimline) Stormy Sky, 1 000L (Slimline) Cloudy Grey, 1 000L (Slimline) Bushveld, 1 000L (Slimline) Khaki Brown, 1 000L (Slimline) Jojo Green, 1 000L (Slimline) Natural White, 1 000L (Slimline) Royal Blue, 1 500lt Wintergrass, 1 500lt Stormy Sky, 1 500lt Cloudy Grey, 1 500lt Bushveld, 1 500lt Khaki Brown, 1 500lt Jojo Green, 1 500lt Natural White, 1 500lt Royal Blue, 10 000lt Wintergrass, 10 000lt Stormy Sky, 10 000lt Cloudy Grey, 10 000lt Bushveld, 10 000lt Khaki Brown, 10 000lt Jojo Green, 10 000lt Natural White, 10 000lt Royal Blue