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Pipe & Fittings Kit

Pipe & Fittings Kit


Our pipe & fittings kit includes the basics that you need to connect your Booster Pump and By-Pass manifold to your Water Storage Tank. This is assuming that all three elements are within a 1 meter distance from each other. This kit includes the following:

1 x 40mm PVC Ball Valve & Tank Connector

1 Meter of 40mm PVC Pipe

1 x 40mm PVC elbow

1 x 40mm x various size pvc male adapters to fix the booster pump suction line

9 Meters x 32mm Class 9 PVC pipe

2 x 32mm PVC Ball Valves

6 x 32mm pipe connectors(coupling)

1 x 32mm PVC Tee

8 x 32mm PVC Elbows 90′

1 x 32mm PVC Non-Return Valve

10 x 32mm pipe wall clamps

1 x 475ml Oatley PVC Glue

This kit excludes the fittings required to connect Water Supply System to the municipal mains water pipeline. Required fittings are readily available at most hardware stores.