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Back-Up Water & Rainwater Harvesting Solutions & Products

Projects Profile

Check out some of the past projects from ZERO WATER

Back-Up Water Supply & Water Treatment System – Hurlingham Manor

September 2023

4 x 1000L Jojo Slimline tanks and a DAB Booster pump provide up to 4 days of back-up water supply for our client. Our custom by-pass manifold allows an easy switch over to direct municipal supply and back to the system supply as and when required. And of course a triple stage filter with UV disinfection was installed to treat and polish the incoming water before pumped into the house for use.

Borehole and Back-Up Water Supply – Carlswold Estate, Midrand

October 2023

This 5 250 litre Jojo back-up water supply system stores municipal and borehole water to provide the property withunninterupted water supply. The water is treated via a triple stage filter and UV disinfection before pumped into the building with a DAB Esy Box Booster Pump.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting – Bryanston

February 2019

A combined roof and driveway area of 650m2 provides our client with a harvest area large enough to supply approximately 46 000 litres of water per month. Besides sediment filtration, the stored water is left untreated and used pruely for garden irrigation purposes.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting – Centurion

December 2023

All of this property’s gutters were re-directed into an underground stormwater drainage system to maximise the property’s rainwater harvesting potential. The harvested stormwater is gravity fed into a collection sump where it is pumped up into above ground JoJo Tanks for storage. DAB Booster pumps supply the premises with filtered and disinfected water on demand, creating a sustainable and uninterrupted water supply for the property. The system also doubles up to provide back-up municipal water supply when the rainwater supply runs low.

Greenside Rainwater Harvesting & Back-Up Water Supply

December 2023

10 000 litres of Jojo rainwater storage supplies our client’s property with an unniterrupted water supply for their home and garden. Jojo Water Tanks and DAB Pumps were used for storage and distribution and a triple stage filter with UV disinfection was used for polishing, providing the household with treated drinking quality water.  

Riverclub Rainwater Harvesting and Back-Up Water Supply 

March 2020

A combined roof and driveway area of 680m2 provides a harvest area large enough to supply approximately 41 000 litres of water per month. 2 x 20 000L water tanks provide adequate storage and a triple stage filter with UV purification treats the water before it is supplied into the house. Undercounter ultrafiltration provides a fourth stage of treatment for potable use.