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Warranty Policy

Back-Up Water & Rainwater Harvesting Solutions & Products


Our equipment and products warranties mirror those of our suppliers.

However, we will charge our standard installation fee rates if our clients request for us to remove and return to the manufacturer, faulty equipment that is still under warranty. The same applies for collection of repaired item and re-installation.



1.2.1 As part of the sale to distribution, wholesaler, dealer and professional channel, product conformity defects and faults must be notified in writing, under penalty of expiration of the warranty, within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product, or discovery, in case of hidden conformity defect or fault, or from the date when the buyer could have discovered the conformity defect or fault through an accurate analysis of the product, or , again, from the actual date of receipt of the claim and/or request from third party relating to the Product. All this notwithstanding the General sales conditions.


1.2.2 The warranty terms shall be fulfilled through total replacement of the product, or replacement of some components, or free repair, or a price reduction, or, should the payment have already been made, partial return of the amount paid, taking into account the level of use of the product and its age, and only after the existence of the manufacturing defect has been confirmed by the manufacturer of the product and/or Zero Water TM Service Partner. The latter shall also be requested to check the delivery/purchase documentation before applying the terms of the warranty.


1.2.3 The replacement of the product, or any components, shall not result in any changes to the terms of the warranty.


1.2.4 The product or the various components replaced will be scrapped by Zero Water TM on behalf of its Customer who has benefited of the warranty, unless requested by the Customer to return the products. This request must be sent to orders@zero-water.co.za within 5 days from the date of receipt. The shipping costs will be charged to the Customer.


1.2.5 The warranty does not cover any direct and indirect damages caused by Zero Water TM Products, including any costs for their removal and reinstallation, or costs for the installation of replacement products, including any products installed while the repairs are being carried out.


1.2.6 No warranty related issues shall authorise the Customer to withdraw from its contractual commitments.


1.2.7 The warranty is subjected to the compliance by the Customer with the agreed payment terms.


1.2.8 The standard warranty terms applied by Zero Water TM do not affect the consumer protection act of South Africa